30/7 saeby

I woke up at 06.45 as the norweigian boat Adelein (beneteau 39) was suppose to leave at 07.00. I let Anna sleep as is was no wind and simple for me to switch places with the Norwegian boat. 

After the change was done I was spending some time in the cockpit reading the book before Anna woke up. I went to the shop and bought some bread before returning back and made the breakfast for us. 

The day was relaxing with walk around the centrum, having a good lunch at the square, talking to Oscar who was in Vienna with is girlfriend Therese and his friend Foffe. It was good hearing his voice.

In the late afternoon I discovered an x49 have docked and asked Anna if that might be her friends boat. She was not sure so we walked to the boat and we were happy – it was so we had a nice chat

Anna and I invited them for a drink later in the evening and meanwhile we had dinner separate. Anna and I went to by some wine glass and dinner at a restaurant. We also talked Agnes so both kits were fine 🙂

In the evening the x49 team game so we had wine and talk until midnight.

29/7 Ebeltoft – Saeby

We had a very long but nice sailing.

It took us about 12 hours (85N) with a wind from behind starting with 8-10ms from starboard moving to from behind. At Grena the wind was less and rain shower was seen in the sky. We managed with not much rain until a bit further out in the Alborg bay when the rain reached us. 

We entered the Saeby harbour at 21.00 when the trumpet are was doing is fanfar. Anna found it very embarrassing as it was very quite around us as everybody was listening. 

We found a place to dock outside a Norwegian 39 footer and when doing so the man came up and said it not good as they are leaving at 07.00 in the morning and that a big boat as we have can be a trouble if the wind increased. What a welcome….

We decided to stay anyhow and after a while i started to talk with the man and he had changed mode and turn out to be very nice and interesting to talk to. His wife as well. Anna said we were planning to go for an Irish and than they offered us the Irish instead;-) we ended up in our boat talking to them until after midnight.

28/7 Ebeltoft – my birthday

A beautiful morning, turning 56 years old !

I prepared to switch place with the Norwegian boat laying inside us towards the pier. But the owner came out and said they changed there mind and will not move until 11.00. So back to bed for some more hours.

At 11.00 we saw that there were a free space at the pier so we moved to that place instead. We started to prepare the bikes for a cycling to the cafe that was recommended by the harbour captain. We had a nice fika before we went back to the centrum. 

We saw there was some risk for rain so we put up the cock pit tent before we continued our cycling towards Oern that Peter read about in the hour hour books. During the ride we went through a nice rural area close by the sea before we entered Oern. A very strange resort were you can rent och by small apartment and with water canals around the houses were they can have their boat docked. We stopped at a restaurant for a beer before heading back to the boat. 

The evening was nice with good food. 

26/7 Juelsminde

As the day was supposed to be windy we decided to stay until Monday. We slept until 10.00 ! Had our breakfast and relaxed. Anna was working on her computer while I was doing nothing 🙂  

We had some contact with Oscar and it sounded that they will be able to make a stop over at our place on their way cross Europe. Anna and I got very happy as we misses them. 

We went to the grocery shop and bought food to prepare for them. As time went on were we a bit worried about the timing. We tried to contact them and finally we understood they will arrive very late. If they can make it at all.

Anna and I had our dinner and spend time in cock pit to discuss where to sail tomorrow.

25/7 Juelsminde 

The night was very windy and a lot of rain. I went up a couple of time to check the ropes but everything was ok.

At 8.30 I went to the bakery with full rain gear. The water was blowing over the pier but it was fun going in approx 15ms towards the wind. When back in the boat I made the breakfast us usually and served Anna in the front cabin. 

In the afternoon the weather become much better. Anna took a walk to the grossery shop. This shop turn out to be very big with a lot of nice grossery. I was staying in the boat trying to understand the Navtex. We also find a solution for storing the solar panels so now we have more space in the aft cabins. 

Later in the afternoon we took a ride with the bikes around Juelsminde. We choosed the western path until we came to the summer camp and back.

The evening was spent in the restaurant with a couple of bears and chicken nachos.

24/7 Ballen to Juelsminde

We woke up 08.30 in blue sky with only 3 ms SW wind. As agreed with our boat neighbours we all left the harbour close to 10am. Anna manage the boat perfectly  and we steered south south west. 

After reaching the south point of Samso we started the engine with a direct course towards Juelsminde. We had a speed of approx 8knots so it went great.

In the harbour we had a reservation so the docking went perfect. We spoke with a Swedish man in a motorboat who have driven from Spain! He ans his wife live in the boat but was now on his way to his house south of Stenungssund. Great life…..

  Anna and I took our bikes and cycled around in this small town so after a short while we returned to the boat and relaxed by reading and drinking champaign.

23/7 Grena 

We had a soft day with doing almost nothing but reading. Anna was doing her report while I was reading about Arne and Helena Martenssons round the world sailing. What an adventure…

Later in the afternoon we took our bike and cycled to Bressner reeve for a walk. Good exercise finishing up with coffee and pancake in a cafeteria in Bressner. Nice and cheap place with a lot of stuff inside the house.

The evening was calm.

22/7 Grena to Ballen

We started early, approx 06.45 our journey towards Ballen. We were expecting a crowded harbour so we wanted to arrive early as possible. We head headwind of 7-8ms but with an good engine everything worked out fine. After approx 5 hours we entered the harbour. We were lucky as when we arrived the harbour captain directed us to a long side the pier position. Could not be better 🙂 At the same time we arrived another Jeanneau 49 from Norway arrived plus a number of more boats.

In the afternoon we took our bikes for a ride around the island.  It was heavy with headwind in all directions. I need more exercise….. But I got a beer when returning to the harbour so life was good again.

We had an early barbeque in the boat before we went for an Irish whiskey at the restaurant. 

Anna went to bed early while I was reading in the cockpit 

21/7 Grena when Agnes and Sebbe is leaving us

We spend some relaxing time together, play some cards before we left for  saying goodbye to Agnes and Sebbe who took the ferry back to Varberg. Me and Anna took a long walk into the city center of Grena and back, in total approx 8km

We had an early evening as we planned for an early departure next morning.

20/7 Anholt -Grenå

Anna and I had breakfast in the boat when two swedes was looking at the empty space close to us. That were thinking of moving their big ship Hallberg-Rassy 62 (Charlotte) as in their present position that have to move every time he ferry arrives. 

We offered to help them as they were only two on that big ship. Everything when fine and soon that were laying perfectly in parallel to us. This guys was sailing the ship from Skarhamn to Stockholm were the guys father will take over the ship.

After Agnes and Sebbe had their breakfast we stat the journey towards Grena. The wind was nice and we had a good speed. Unfortunately the wind calmed down so we drove with the engine tha last hour.

We got a nice place to dock in the harbour were we spent a nice evening together.