24/7 Ballen to Juelsminde

We woke up 08.30 in blue sky with only 3 ms SW wind. As agreed with our boat neighbours we all left the harbour close to 10am. Anna manage the boat perfectly  and we steered south south west. 

After reaching the south point of Samso we started the engine with a direct course towards Juelsminde. We had a speed of approx 8knots so it went great.

In the harbour we had a reservation so the docking went perfect. We spoke with a Swedish man in a motorboat who have driven from Spain! He ans his wife live in the boat but was now on his way to his house south of Stenungssund. Great life…..

  Anna and I took our bikes and cycled around in this small town so after a short while we returned to the boat and relaxed by reading and drinking champaign.


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