25/7 Juelsminde 

The night was very windy and a lot of rain. I went up a couple of time to check the ropes but everything was ok.

At 8.30 I went to the bakery with full rain gear. The water was blowing over the pier but it was fun going in approx 15ms towards the wind. When back in the boat I made the breakfast us usually and served Anna in the front cabin. 

In the afternoon the weather become much better. Anna took a walk to the grossery shop. This shop turn out to be very big with a lot of nice grossery. I was staying in the boat trying to understand the Navtex. We also find a solution for storing the solar panels so now we have more space in the aft cabins. 

Later in the afternoon we took a ride with the bikes around Juelsminde. We choosed the western path until we came to the summer camp and back.

The evening was spent in the restaurant with a couple of bears and chicken nachos.


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