3/8 Smögen, Basteviksholmarna to Hamburgsund

The sky was blue and the wind approx 4-5 MS. 

We had a slow start in nice weather before we left Smögen towards Basteviksholmarna. We went west and off shore on our way back while Catrin and David did the steering. We made an extra tour towards Lysekil before going north towards our Harbour were we said farwell to our french friends.

Johan, Thomas and Paula arrived and we showed them the boat and had some coffe before Thomas and Paula left and we cast off. We decided to go west of Hållö heading straigh north. We started to try to find a ”naturhamn” SW of hamburgön but as the the was late they were all buzy. 

Eventually we decided to go to hamburgsund were we were happy to get a place alongside the pier. An old captain said is was ok and at the same time instructed me how to dock at a pier 😉

We had a nice dinner and Johan and Anna stayed up very late discussing politics while I went to bed.


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