5/8 Dannemark – Grebbestad

We had a very rainy night but not much wind so we could sleep very well at our boj. I woke up when a motorboat was speeding close by our boat and I thought it might be the boat selling bread. I run up but the boat had already driven to far away 😦 We had a good breakfast any way.

We cast off at approx 11.00 and start sailing north. We went directly towards Grebbestad in good wind 8 ms from SW so we had free wind and good speed.

In Grebbestad we dock alongside the pier outside harbour Office and waited for Thomas, Ulf and Jack to arrive as Johan was suppose to leave back home. We had a cup of coffea together before they left. 

Anna and I met Kia on the pier when that were going towards a restaurant. We decided to order a pizza and eat in the boat. Kia and Reine came back later so we spend some hour talking to pick up what has happend since we last met. A very nice evening.


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