6/8 Grebbestad – Sannäsfjorden

Sunny day with 2ms wind.

We relaxed in the boat for a while discussing were to sail. Before we cast off we walked to Reine and Kia to say goodbye and look in their renovated apartment. Very nice – as suspected. 

We set sail north towards havstenssund and when sailing Reine and Kia came with their motorboat. They took some photos before they continued towards Ramso to meet some friends. 

Anna and I tried to find a place nw of havstenssund where you can find SXK boj or to lay a long side the cliffs. Unfortunately we missed one boy for another boat so we decided to go into Sannasfjorden where we find a place where we have been laying before together with Hans and Christel. 

I spend the afternoon reading Anna’s work to give some feedback on the structure. 

  Later in the afternoon we put the rubber boat into the sea and We started to row towards havstenssund following the inner bays. Interesting journey and we ended up on the east side of Havstenssund where we was forced to walk in mud. Anna was not really pleased…..

We cleaned the feets in the harbour before going to the restaurant for a prawn sandwich, beer and an Irish admiring the view. We rowed back the same way when it started to be a bit dark. 


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