9/8 Ramsö – getryggen

A sunny day with wind from WSW 7-11ms

A perfect start of the day. We had a good breakfast in the cockpit except for Anna who had her breakfast in the bed as usual :-). We managed to cast of perfectly. A spring and bow thruster managed to turn out the boat perfectly. 

We set the genua sail when turning west of Ramso towards Reso and  havstenssund. We had a good speed over the Kosterfjord. In Havstensund we made a short stop to buy some food. Anna helped an old man 97 years old out of his boat. He had a house on an island during summer and otherwise he lived in a house in Saro. He was interesting to talk to so Anna was causing us a small delay 🙂

We continued south after a while. We set sail a started to meet the sea waves towards vacker light house. Hans and Christer who was before us decided to change course to sail the inshore course towards Grebbestad and getteron so we we rolled them even if our boat behaived very well in the rough sea.

We ended up at getryggen were we found a good place a long side the rock. The afternoon was very nice. Anna was baithing …. and we all were relaxing. In the evening we had a barbeque in the boat and finished up the evening with playing …. Guess who won …..


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