18-20 Sept Grötö 

Friday 18/9

We came to the Harbour at 20.00. It was very windy, approx 15-18 MS when we moved into the boat. We had a quick dinner and than relaxing in the peak. 

Saturday 20/9 

The wind was gone and the sun was shining. We went by engine the short distance to Grötö. We tried the long site at the far west first but decided to change to the one more into the bay. 

We had a nice afternoon, I took the canoe and went to the beach while Anna was finishing her work. I walked around this nice area called Nävkärr with a heritage since the Vikings :-). When I came back I found Anna naked on the boat after a bath!!!! Wow what a view.

We both slept in the sun for a while. Anna did also take the canoe and walked around the area. 

The evening was nice.

Sunday 21/9

We woke up and had breakfast in blue sky and not much wind. We relaxed until we decided to go back to our home harbour. When depaturing we understood that we were stocked into the sand as the water level decreased. We managed by engine to reverse and set course to basteviksholmarna. 

11-13/9 weekend with Björn and Christian 

Friday 11/9

Me and Bjorn met in his house a went by my car to the harbour. We arrived approx two a clock and repaired the boat. We set the sail and went west of Malmon towards Hallo and towards Väderöarna. We had great sailing in approx 9ms from east and we sailed with a speed of 9,5 knots. 

At väderöarna it was boats at the pier were we good anchore so we decided to go to fjallbacka. We found a good place there and instead of preparing the dinner Bjorn suggested we eat that the restaurant. Easy choice….

Saturday 12/9

We sailed north in nice weather via Havstensund stopped for lunch at Resö before we continued to Stromstad. Christian arrived almost at the same time we came to Stromstad. We took a beer in the boat before we went to the restaurant. We all were tired so we went to bed shortly after 22.oo. All of us woke up around midnight due to the party on the restaurant close by. Not a good night.

Sunday 13/9

It was sunny weather but we all was tired due to the party at the restaurant. We even said it would have been better if we joined the party…

We departured the harbour at 09.30 and sailed through Kosterfjorden, via Havstensund straight towards hamburgön and thereafter towards smögen. We had nice sailing in wind from south east up to 11ms but with only genua it went good. 

After Smögen we went inshore to our harbour.

Before we said goodby to each other we had to drive back to Stromstad in our car to get Christians car. I thereafter drove Bjorn home as well.

A great weekend with friends.