10-11/10 weekend Västingskär

10/10 Saturday 

We decided not to start our sailing weekend Friday but Saturday so we went out from the harbour at 11.00 . Our plan was to see if we could stay at tån North but when trying we realised the boat was to big for laying long side.

We therefore tested västingskär a vey narrow spot that we never visited before. After some tries we managed to dock in a great place.

Sunday 11/10

We spend time in the boat until lunch. Thereafter we used the kayak and discovered the area. Even a seal was surprised seeing us paddling around.

On our way back to the harbour we made a short stop at the south side of Tån. On the east side it seems we can dock long side another time.

2-4/10 weekend sailing

2/10 friday

Friday evening and we were tired and therefore we did not leave the harbour. Food and Idol on the iPad and that’s it.
3/10 Saturday. 

Pretty nice weather with wind from South. We had a talk with our neighbours who normally lives in Dalarna and are seldom at the boat. Anna and myself relaxed for a while and than we departures towards stocken. A place we never been to by boat. The village is a typical summer village so very few people was around. 

Sunday 4/10

 A bit crazy night. But now we are on our way North towards Basteviksholmarna. Weather is quit Nice, you see the sun through the clouds. The wind is only 3-4ms so it is a nice journey.