31/3-2/4 Sailing weekend with Bo G

31/3 A start with lovely weather 

We had spoken about doing a Sailing trip together for many months and finally we made it. I started to sail from Fiskebäckskil on Thursday lunchtime in beautiful weather towards kungshamn were I met Bo. After a short lunch brake we continue north via Soten channel to Hunnebostrand. We had some good talk while cruising in a slow pace. The evening was spend in the restaurant Bella Gastis including some beer testing:-)

1/2 Vaderoarna here we come

We woke up with blue clear sky in a calm harbour. Just a fisherman preparing for some fishing. Bo and I had a simple breakfast as we together agreed to loose some weight during coming months. We will see how that goes 😉

As Bo never been to Vaderoarna I really wanted to show him this fantastic place far west in the archipelago.

We therefore set the course straight towards Vaderoarna but as we had the wind against us we used the engine. When coming closer to the islands we were able to sail which was great of course.
We got our favourite docking position as it was no other boats on the island as it is off season. Good for us.

We had a very good lunch (salmon) at the restaurant with a great view towards our ship before we took a walk on the island. We went to the view tower but also walk around the island following the outlined path. Good with exercising to loose weight, right Bo?

Independently how beautiful Vaderoarna is we decided to leave for Fjallbacka and had a good sailing east into the harbour. The docking was a big hard as we needed to dock towards the wind. Eventually we succeeded and went to the bar to celebrate with a beer and small whiskey. Great.

Evening was spend in the ship, making good food and having good talk.

2/2 returning to Fiskebäckskil 

Weather not nice at all. Wind (8-12ms) from south and with a cloudy/rainy sky. It is going to be a cold day. We used the Yanmar to drive us inshore via some again to Smögen (not many boats in the harbor) where we went to Göstas to buy a shrimp sandwich which we ate in the boat. After the lunch brake we went straight to our final destination Fiskebäckskil.


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