4-8/5 koster sailing weekend

4/5 Basteviksholmen 

We spend the evening with preparing the ship as well as the dock with fenders etc. 

5/5 Towards fjällbacka

I woke up early and did som paperwork in the ship before I continued mounting the fenders, filling up water etc. 

I met Agnes sailing friend in the neighbour boat so I talked a bit with him as well. He had arrived from US with a broken foot.

At approx 11 am we left the harbour in blue sky at approx 5ms wind from south. We took the course west of Hållö.  We used the gennacker for the first time when crushing towards fallbacka. With the exception of some wild screaming from me due to wrongly implemented ropes everything worked out fine. 

In fjällbacka we found a nice spot to dock. Agnes and Seppe visited us for a while 😉 as they were on a coast tour with the car.

In the evening we got visit from Janne and Ninna who happens to be in the neighbourhood. Great evening

6/5 Koster
After a slow start in the morning and in nice weather I went to the grossory shop to by more coffee to the ship. On my way back I run into Johan and Monica Bexell who I have not seen for a long time. Nice to see them.

Me and Anna departed Fjällbacka after saying goodby to the boat docked closed to us. It was Dolphin from Bohus Malmön, a very nice new Grand Banks. 

We drove by engine (no wind) north via havstenssund towards koster. The last part we set the genua did it was not much wind.  At Koster we had a reservation just after the line ferry. Great spot. 

In the afternoon we run into a former Volvo colleague Jörgen Karlsson and his norweigian wife. They had been sailing for a week and was on their way to Norway. 

In the evening we visited Stefan Gitje family restaurant Galejen. We had a good time together with Stefans family.

7/5 Heading towards Bovalstrand 

Another beautiful day with blue sky. We departed approx 10 in the morning and went via Ekenäs towards west in kosterfjorden. We choose to go off shore towards väderöarna. We had no wind so our Yanmar had to work. 

We did not stop at Väderöarna but we went close by the beautiful harbour.

We thereafter went straightforward towards Bovalstrand and Valöbay. We found our neighbour from Basteviksholmen with the Deahler also in this bay playing with the kids on the beach.
Anna and My self used our canoe and explored the area. As the sea was completely calm it was great to use the canoe. We was a way more than an hour crusing around islands. The rest of the evening was spend on the ship watching the sun set. 

8/8 Going home


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