3-6/6 Valön and Agnes

3/6 in the harbour

Sunny and nice evening 

We arrived pretty late and prepared the dinner and while doing so we started to talk to our boat neighbour Sture. He said he will get a visit from Annika och Bjorn Olsson that should come with there boat. 

They had bought Pizza in Lysekil do we welcomed them to our ship together with Sture. We had a very nice evening together.

4/6 Grötö bay

Nice weather 

Anna and I just went over the fjord to the  bay where we anchored. A very nice afternoon and evening. Anna did some bathing but the temperature is still to cold for me. 

4/6 Towards Bovalstrand and Valö 

Weather was sunny with calm wind from north.

We used the engine to head north via a stop in Smögen to buy a shrimp sandwich before we set the course to Soten channel and bovalstrand. In Smögen Anna mer a colleaque and family. We also saw Linn.

In Boval we dock long side close by the restaurant. Agnes former employer Pontus were having summer kick off in that restaurant. Me and Anna took a walk to my aunt Ann-Britts house but only my cousin Lotta was there. 

Agnes and Sebbe joined later and we steered to the bay of Valö. After dinner Agnes and Sebbe used the Canoues to Explorer the bay.

5/6 going home

Anna decided to drive Agnes car back do Agnes and Sebbe can sail. We therefore made a short stop in Boval and thereafter went south. We had head wind do we used the engine through Soten to Smögen. A sandwich before we headed back to our Harbour. 

A nice weekend.


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