25-26/6 Midsummer

25/6 great day

Sunny and nice weather 3-4 ms

After halving a great midsummer at home in Uddevalla me Anna drove to the ship early in the morning. We was not sure if some of our neighbours would join so we bought some extra food etc. 

We went to our favourite bay at Grötö, we saw our Norwegian ship neighbours with the boreal laying in the bay. We also saw our new ship neighbour with also a boreal entering the bay. They just arrived from France via uk, Netherlands and Denmark. 

As we expected rain and thunder in the evening were decided to not stay over night. But we decided not to go straight to our harbour but making a stop in Lysekil for a dinner at norra Hamnen 5. They reserved a place just outside for our ship. Great. 

After dinner (at approx 22.00) we went to the harbour and went to bed.

Sunday 26/6 

Bad weather with rain and wind so we decided to stay in the harbour for the day. 

Great midsummer weekend


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