Anna och Louisa weekend 26-28/8

Friday 26th 

Anna had invited her friend Louisa for a sailing weekend but as it was windy I was asked to be the captain.  We all met in the harbour and discussed if we should depart in the evening or on Saturday morning. As the weather forecast shown wind close to 17ms we decided to stay. 

As I was the ”hired” captain I worked on the boat while the ladies was talking and took a long walk. We had a good dinner together before I went to bed in the stern cabin. The ladies had the bow cabin. 

Saturday 27th

I woke up early in the morning and drove to Lysekil to buy something extra for the ladies  breakfast including DN which I understood is important to Louisa. Back in the boat I prepared the breakfast and was ready when the ladies woke up. 

We cast off in nice weather and drove by engine to Smogen to buy sea food at Gostas. When we arrived we saw the harbour was crowded. It seems to be a open house with fishing boats, rescue boats open shops etc. We could not find and spot to dock so I decided to take a chance where Halloferry normally dock. The ladies went to buy food while I was waiting. It took approximately 5 minutes until the ferry arrived. I had to cast of and wait buy driving around until the ladies came back. Same procedure again (after the ferry left) and the ladies jump on to the boat and off we went 🙂

We set sail and sailed to Groto where we docked at a boy. We had a nice shrimp sandwich. As it was so nice the ladies decided they will stay one night more in the boat do we could relax in the afternoon, they even took a bath!!

In the beginning of the evening we cast off and went by engine to show la korno and then we went to brandskar before we sailed back to our harbour.

We had a nice dinner. The ladies had seafood and I had meatballs and sallad, typical crew food. 

 Sunday 28th

Anna drove Louisa to the bus station in Uddevalla so she could go for her brunch with her relatives and Anna came back to me. I become upgraded to the Bow cabin 😉


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