3/8 Smögen, Basteviksholmarna to Hamburgsund

The sky was blue and the wind approx 4-5 MS.  We had a slow start in nice weather before we left Smögen towards Basteviksholmarna. We went west and off shore on our way back while Catrin and David did the steering. We made an extra tour towards Lysekil before going north towards our Harbour were … Fortsätt läsa 3/8 Smögen, Basteviksholmarna to Hamburgsund

2/8 Basteviksholmen – Smögen

After the first night in our permanent harbour we relaxed with a good breakfast. After a while I started to prepare all the ropes for permanent dock of the boat. The French family Weider i.e Catrine, David and Pierre arrived at lunch time so we started with lunch. A perfectly prepared salmon by Anna. After … Fortsätt läsa 2/8 Basteviksholmen – Smögen