Weekend Sailing with Lovisa 14-16/10

Friday 14/10 Anna and Louisa had arrived to the boat a bit earlier so when I arrived they were relaxing. We decided to cast off and go to la Korno rather than staying. When arriving we took a nice walk before the dinner. We also had a yatsy competition. Anna was the winner. Saturday 15/10 Fortsätt läsa ”Weekend Sailing with Lovisa 14-16/10”

Anna och Louisa weekend 26-28/8

Friday 26th  Anna had invited her friend Louisa for a sailing weekend but as it was windy I was asked to be the captain.  We all met in the harbour and discussed if we should depart in the evening or on Saturday morning. As the weather forecast shown wind close to 17ms we decided toFortsätt läsa ”Anna och Louisa weekend 26-28/8”

19-21/8 Weekend at Hermanö 

19/8 Basteviksholmen I came to the boat a bit earlier than Anna so I could clean the boat for the weekend and as preparation for polish work to be done soon.  We spend the evening by looking at OS and the female socker final between Sweden and Germany. We lost with 1-2 but still aFortsätt läsa ”19-21/8 Weekend at Hermanö ”

2-4/6 Sailing with relatives from the US.

2/6 Hunnebostrand Anna had done a lot of preparation for making the visit from her relatives as great as possible. We knew they were coming from Anna’s sister Sara lunch time on Sunday and leave on Monday for Oslo. Also based on logistics with cars we decided to go meet them in Hunnebostrand go toFortsätt läsa ”2-4/6 Sailing with relatives from the US.”

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