Weekend Sailing with Lovisa 14-16/10

Friday 14/10

Anna and Louisa had arrived to the boat a bit earlier so when I arrived they were relaxing. We decided to cast off and go to la Korno rather than staying. When arriving we took a nice walk before the dinner. We also had a yatsy competition. Anna was the winner.

Saturday 15/10 

Pretty nice but windy weather. The wind peaked at 17-18ms but as the wind came from east there were no waves. We went by engine via Soten channel towards fjallbacka. A nice trip.

Anna and Louisa took a walk to coop and therafter up on the mountain to see the view. We also played yatsy this evening and this time I was the winner.

Sunday 16/10

We woke up early and had a nice breakfast before we cast of. The weather was grey and 7-9ms from south east. We sailed south outside hamburgsund and straight towards Smögen. We made a short stop for lunch before we continued towards Basteviksholmen. Anna slept the last journey.

Single Sailing 25-26/9

Saturday 25/9 

I arrived from China late the 24th and Anna was together with her sister and brothers and had a memorial after her mother in Oscarshamn. 

I therefore to have a sailing on my own. The wind was approx 6-8 ms and with sunny sky. I used the genua and sailed west of Malmon towards Smögen. 

I got a nice spot just outside Skaret. I bought a schrimp sandwich at gostas and together with a beer in the cockpit it was great. 

Due to jet leg I relaxed and tried to stay awake as long as possible. I think I felt a sleep at 21.00. 

Sunday 26th

Woke up at 7 so I had a very good night sleep. I did some work before cast of at 1100 to meet Anna who were driving back from Oscarshamn. The weather was great but headwind do I used the engine all way. 

Weekend with Bergh 9-11/9

Friday 9/9

Anna went earlier to the boat and I arrived at 20.00. I woke Anna up and we had dinner  before we went to bed. 

Saturday 10/9

Nice weather with wind from south. We had decided to meet Hans & Christel at st Korno before we took course south.  We drove by engine towards the SXK boy at Hermano but when arriving another boat was faster. We therefore set course to Kärringön. We docked on the outher side of the pier. We had a short visit by Martin Rosell and a friend as they were there with Martins boat. The evening we were spoiled by Hans and Christel who prepared the dinner in their boat but we eat it in ours. 

Sunday 11/9

The morning started with rain and strong wind 15 ms.  In the afternoon there was sunshine but still strong wind.  Other boats had problem yo depart but as we had to 

Anna och Louisa weekend 26-28/8

Friday 26th 

Anna had invited her friend Louisa for a sailing weekend but as it was windy I was asked to be the captain.  We all met in the harbour and discussed if we should depart in the evening or on Saturday morning. As the weather forecast shown wind close to 17ms we decided to stay. 

As I was the ”hired” captain I worked on the boat while the ladies was talking and took a long walk. We had a good dinner together before I went to bed in the stern cabin. The ladies had the bow cabin. 

Saturday 27th

I woke up early in the morning and drove to Lysekil to buy something extra for the ladies  breakfast including DN which I understood is important to Louisa. Back in the boat I prepared the breakfast and was ready when the ladies woke up. 

We cast off in nice weather and drove by engine to Smogen to buy sea food at Gostas. When we arrived we saw the harbour was crowded. It seems to be a open house with fishing boats, rescue boats open shops etc. We could not find and spot to dock so I decided to take a chance where Halloferry normally dock. The ladies went to buy food while I was waiting. It took approximately 5 minutes until the ferry arrived. I had to cast of and wait buy driving around until the ladies came back. Same procedure again (after the ferry left) and the ladies jump on to the boat and off we went 🙂

We set sail and sailed to Groto where we docked at a boy. We had a nice shrimp sandwich. As it was so nice the ladies decided they will stay one night more in the boat do we could relax in the afternoon, they even took a bath!!

In the beginning of the evening we cast off and went by engine to show la korno and then we went to brandskar before we sailed back to our harbour.

We had a nice dinner. The ladies had seafood and I had meatballs and sallad, typical crew food. 

 Sunday 28th

Anna drove Louisa to the bus station in Uddevalla so she could go for her brunch with her relatives and Anna came back to me. I become upgraded to the Bow cabin 😉

19-21/8 Weekend at Hermanö 

19/8 Basteviksholmen

I came to the boat a bit earlier than Anna so I could clean the boat for the weekend and as preparation for polish work to be done soon. 

We spend the evening by looking at OS and the female socker final between Sweden and Germany. We lost with 1-2 but still a very good  championship.

20/8 Hermano

We sailed south in nice weather using the inner track Lysekil, grundsund and gullholmen before we approached a good sxk boy. We relaxed in the afternoon and evening 

21/8 Gullholmen and home

After a slow start we drove to gullholmen and find a nice spot. We took a long walk around Hermano. We found very nice path to walk. 

In the afternoon we sailed back to Basteviksholmen off shore I.e via Bonden island. 

2-4/6 Sailing with relatives from the US.

2/6 Hunnebostrand

Anna had done a lot of preparation for making the visit from her relatives as great as possible. We knew they were coming from Anna’s sister Sara lunch time on Sunday and leave on Monday for Oslo. Also based on logistics with cars we decided to go meet them in Hunnebostrand go to Smögen and back to Basteviksholmen. 

Therefore Anna and I cast off and set course towards Hunnebostrand. We got a nice long side spot beside a Jeanneau 49!. 

We had a nice dinner at the restaurant before we went back to the ship watching football. 

3/6 Smögen

We relaxed and talked to our nice Norwegian neighbours either the Jeanneau (Ctrl alt del) before Anna relatives came at lunch time. 

Great to meet those nice people Jackie, John with the boys Hunter, Cole and Sam. We had lunch before we cast of and set course towards Smögen where Agnes booked a spot. 

We went and have nice tapas in the restaurant at Hållöbar. A restaurant to recommend.

We also took a nice walk around the rocks on the west part of Smögen looking out west. The boys run and climbed and we all enjoyed the view. 

4/6 last day 

Early breakfast and a bath for some of us 🙂 in nice weather before we cast of and set sail towards Basteviksholmen. Nice sail with the genua in 8-9 ms so the ship was leaning and the boys was really having fun. 

A great couple of days 

25-26/6 Midsummer

25/6 great day

Sunny and nice weather 3-4 ms

After halving a great midsummer at home in Uddevalla me Anna drove to the ship early in the morning. We was not sure if some of our neighbours would join so we bought some extra food etc. 

We went to our favourite bay at Grötö, we saw our Norwegian ship neighbours with the boreal laying in the bay. We also saw our new ship neighbour with also a boreal entering the bay. They just arrived from France via uk, Netherlands and Denmark. 

As we expected rain and thunder in the evening were decided to not stay over night. But we decided not to go straight to our harbour but making a stop in Lysekil for a dinner at norra Hamnen 5. They reserved a place just outside for our ship. Great. 

After dinner (at approx 22.00) we went to the harbour and went to bed.

Sunday 26/6 

Bad weather with rain and wind so we decided to stay in the harbour for the day. 

Great midsummer weekend

17-19/6 weekend to Lyr

17/9 Friday at the harbour 

After coming home fr.o.m. US and F1 in Montreal I had  much jet leg so we stayed in the harbour over the night. After dinner we to bed at 9! 

18/9 sailing to BäckevikAfter 13 hours of sleep Anna Wikegård me up and we had breakfast. Some ship preparation and talk to our ship neighbour Lelle and EA we set sail South. In nice winds 6-7ms fr.o.m. North West we sailed off shore towards Måseskär and Mollesund before we arrived to Bäckevik close to Björholmen. We were lucky to find one of three SXK boj. 

We had a BBQ in the cockpit and spend the rest of the evening relaxing. 

19/9 sailing home

Cloudy and wind 9 MS from south 

We used the Geunua all the way on our way back to our harbour. We tried to do a short stop at La Kornö but there where no space to dock long side. We therefore went to harbour and cleaned the ship. 

3-6/6 Valön and Agnes

3/6 in the harbour

Sunny and nice evening 

We arrived pretty late and prepared the dinner and while doing so we started to talk to our boat neighbour Sture. He said he will get a visit from Annika och Bjorn Olsson that should come with there boat. 

They had bought Pizza in Lysekil do we welcomed them to our ship together with Sture. We had a very nice evening together.

4/6 Grötö bay

Nice weather 

Anna and I just went over the fjord to the  bay where we anchored. A very nice afternoon and evening. Anna did some bathing but the temperature is still to cold for me. 

4/6 Towards Bovalstrand and Valö 

Weather was sunny with calm wind from north.

We used the engine to head north via a stop in Smögen to buy a shrimp sandwich before we set the course to Soten channel and bovalstrand. In Smögen Anna mer a colleaque and family. We also saw Linn.

In Boval we dock long side close by the restaurant. Agnes former employer Pontus were having summer kick off in that restaurant. Me and Anna took a walk to my aunt Ann-Britts house but only my cousin Lotta was there. 

Agnes and Sebbe joined later and we steered to the bay of Valö. After dinner Agnes and Sebbe used the Canoues to Explorer the bay.

5/6 going home

Anna decided to drive Agnes car back do Agnes and Sebbe can sail. We therefore made a short stop in Boval and thereafter went south. We had head wind do we used the engine through Soten to Smögen. A sandwich before we headed back to our Harbour. 

A nice weekend.

27-29/5 Grötö

27/5 Friday evening in the harbour

I worked on the ship so we decided to stay in the harbour during Friday evening. 

28/5 course towards Grötö

After finishing the preparation on the ship we decided to meet up with our friends Hans and Christel in there Vindö 45 for the first time this season. 

At Gröto we found them laying long side at cliff. After some tries we were able to dock close to them. 

We had a relaxing afternoon and joint dinner in the evening. We wrapped up the evening by playing games as usual. 

29/5 Going home

We left pretty early as is was Mother’s Day so we have time to meet up with Oscar and Agnes at home.